Ishik, India

I cant wait for my next trip down under! I had such an easy experience with ABC they saved me so much time by getting me the best car possible and making sure it was good quality and reliable. I’m so thankful for them and I would definitely suggest them to others!

Michael, New Zealand

I was scared to travel because a lot of my friends warned me about having breakdowns and being stuck in the middle of nowhere or how you can get ripped off when buying a second hand car. But my experience with Australian Backpacker Cars has been great, they have made everything so easy with their guaranteed and warranted backed cars. This made me feel so much better and excited for my trip.

Stephanie, Germany

We bought our station wagon from ABC and we loved it! It was so good our entire trip and never gave us any problems, the customized beds and kitchen was so useful especially when we were in rural areas or far from public amenities